How to switch to CSS Shopping in EU

Are you interested in Shopping in EU and would you like to be part of it? Whether you have an e-shop or an agency that works with dozens of clients, Shopping in EU is definitely beneficial for you. Become a part of us using the instructions below.

  1. To upload products on we need your XML product data feed URL (for example, for price comparison or Shopping feed,…)
  2. We need a Google Ads account ID to send you a request for access to your Google Ads account
  3. If you have chosen to use CSS for free, we need you to grant us a Primary Link to access Google Ads. Read a guide on how to do so here
  4. We need you to add access to our email in your Google Merchant Account :
  5. We need you to add a new attribute called <g:ads_redirect> to the data feed that you upload to your Google Merchant account (this is an exact copy of the attribute called <g:url> // product URL, only in a standalone new attribute)

If you are having any problems with step 5, you have the following options : 

  • If you are using the BlueWinston app for creating Smart Shopping Ads, it is all done automatically
  • If you are not using the BlueWinston app, you can ask our IT developers for re-generating your actual XML data feed(s) via our company – for free 
  1. We need a very simple consent from you that you want to use our service via email. Here you can see the instructions.

Feel free to contact us at, if you have any questions.

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